Outdoor portrait of red setter walking forwards


I just love photographing pups in the great outdoors! These sessions generally take place during a walk where your pup can relax, have fun, and enjoy the freedom to run around and play in their favourite kind of environment. We can hit the woods, countryside, a local park or the beach, it really is totally up to you. Maybe you have an urban pup who's better suited to life in the city? Need to keep your pup on a lead, no problem! I can remove these in photoshop for a clean and natural finish.  If your dog is older or nervous and feels more secure at home we can simply shoot in your garden.


My aim is for your pups to have fun in a safe and comfortable environment while I capture beautiful images that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Cockapoo running in snow
Portrait of red setter in front of red flowers
Portrait of dog sat on a bench
Portrait of terrier in front of sunset
Golden retriever puppy on a log
Labrador in wooded area

How It Works


Contact me by phone, email or my contact form. We'll have a chat and discuss you and your dogs needs and how best to proceed with your session.



This is where the fun really starts! I'll meet you at your chosen location at our arranged time and date and do the shoot. These are always relaxed, fun, and taken at your dog's own pace. I'll capture a variety of photos, making the most of the environment and including you in the process.



I'll head home and edit the best photos for upload to your own private gallery. From here you get to view and order prints and/or digitals at your own leisure. For larger framed prints we can have another chat and arrange these over the phone or in person.

Cockapoo with tongue out in the woods

The Price

Prices are divided into the shoot price and the prints price as follows:

£85 for 1-2 dogs : incl. £40 credit to spend on your artwork.

£115 for 3-4 dogs : incl. £40 credit to spend on your artwork.

Artwork starts at £30

Portrait of a sharpei in autumn woods


I’m sure you’ll agree that the most important thing during any shoot is the safety and happiness of your beloved pup.

I will never put any dog in a situation that could be unpleasant or harmful to them. I want to create happy and special memories where their real personalities can shine through, and that you can hold onto and treasure forever.

My Dog will Be no good for a photo shoot!

I've heard this many times and people have been shocked by the beautiful images that they have been presented with at the end of a photo shoot. Part of being a successful dog photographer is having the ability to remain patient, friendly and fun, and anticipating what dogs are going to do. I have photographed hundreds of dogs, all of whom have had different personalities and demeanours. You just need to find their motivation, be patient, have a sense of humour and let them be themselves.

Will you take a photo of me and my dog with my dog on the lead?

While I prefer dogs to be off the lead, I understand that this may not always be possible. Don't worry as there is still plenty that we can do while your dog is on a lead. It will involve more interaction from you during the shoot, but with a little bit of Photoshop magic you'll never be able to tell.

How many photos will I get?

You never know what will happen on a shoot but I aim for approximately 30 edited  gallery proofs for outdoor shoots.

How much do prints cost?

Each shoot includes a £40 print credit which you can use towards purchases of prints, wall art, or digital images.

Prints start from £30 and you can see the full list of prices on my ARTWORK page.

What’s the best time of year for a shoot?

There are great opportunities all year round, what time of year you choose to book will depend on what type of photos you are after. You could choose to shoot amongst the fresh woodland flowers of spring, the meadow wildflowers of summer or the falling leaves of Autumn. The beach is also a great option for any time of the year, but please remember that many are off limits to dogs between March-September.

What's the best time of day for shoot?

Lighting conditions are usually best for photography in the early morning or in the 2 hours leading up to sunset. Midday light can be quite harsh, producing harder shadows and less pleasant results overall.  Also, summer temperatures can sometimes be too much for particular breeds. It's always best to make an assessment of your breed of dog, the time of year and where we are due to go for the session to decide what is the most appropriate time.

Can my family join in?

Yes of course! It's great to get a variety of photos during your session, your dog is part of the family after all! Bring who you like, but try to keep numbers to a minimum so that your dog doesn’t get too distracted by several generations of aunts and uncles! Two is an ideal number because you can call your dog between you, but you can bring your children to the shoot and I can photograph the whole family with your dog.

*How Far Will You Travel?

I'm based in Cwmbran, South Wales, and include travel for sessions within a 20 mile radius of this location. Additional mileage is charged at 45p per mile outside of this radius in each direction. 
During my UK tours, I do not charge travel fees if I am visiting your area.

What if the weather is bad?

I am happy to photograph in all weathers, including light rain. Heavy rain (and wind) is no fun for you, your dog or for my camera. I will always check what the weather is doing in the run up to the shoot and will confirm or rearrange with you as appropriate. If we meet up for a session and the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse, I will decide if the weather is not suitable and we will arrange another time to meet

(Rain check). This won’t cost you any extra and we will continue to meet until your allocated and paid for session has been completed.


I have more than four dogs, can I still book a shoot?

Of course, the more the merrier! Please contact me for a bespoke price.



What happens after the session?

Once we have completed the photo shoot I will begin the process of selecting and editing the very best photos from your session. These will then be uploaded to a private gallery for you to view at your leisure. From here, you can use your session credit code to get prints, or put towards digital downloads, and also order and pay for any others if you would like to. All print orders are checked by myself before being confirmed and shipped directly from a professional photographic lab. If you don’t want to order directly from your gallery then I am happy to do this for you at no extra charge, although orders will need to be paid for up-front. The gallery will stay active for 3 months, after which I will archive the photos to make space. Of course I will let you know before this happens.

Who owns the copyright?

I retain copyright for any and all images produced during your session. If you need to purchase the copyright to your images please contact me for further information, otherwise images are sold under a personal use license. Any digital files you purchase can be shared on Facebook etc and you are free to get them printed by your chosen service provider. You are not permitted to sell them, enter them in to any competitions, allow third parties to share them directly as their own, nor use them for any commercial purpose.