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National Dog Day Walk, Tredegar House Country Park

Saturday the 26th August was big on "days" this year. While the U.S celebrated "Women's Equality Day", South Wales celebrated with "Cardiff Pride". But the reason that myself and a host of dog lovers met at Tredegar House was to celebrate "National Dog Day"! Celebrating all breeds, pure and mixed, it brings much needed recognition to those beloved family pets who work tirelessly to make our lives a little bit better, each and every day. Pups ranging from Dachshunds to Dog De Bordeaux were present with tails wagging, eager to play with their furry buddies!

I couldn't possibly remember the names of everyone (and the pups) there, but I'd like to thank you all for turning up and making the morning rather special. I tried to capture as many different people as I could (apologies if I've missed you) and the results are below. Maybe we can make it an annual thing, I'll put more planning into it next time and do doggy games and prizes! We could even start "Dogfest 2018" if we get enough support, haha! Anyway, enjoy the photos, share them on facebook and don't forget to tag Tom Harper Photography while you're at it (It's very much appreciated).

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