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I met Syd and his mum at Ashton Court, Bristol, for his outdoor session on a gorgeous summer evening. Syd's mum was returning home to Ireland and was sadly unable to take Syd with her, having no choice but to leave him behind with a family member. I was tasked with creating beautiful images to be mounted into a multi-aperture frame so that Syds mum could still see him every day in her new home.


Syd had a whale of a time chasing his favourite ball through the grass and sniffing around, taking time to sit and relax in the warm evening sun whenever he needed a break. He was also happy to pose on the main path while a hot air balloon got ready to take off behind him!

We finished up with some shots of Syd and his mum which I think beautifully capture the close relationship that they share. Overall it was a bittersweet evening capturing Syd and the most special of bonds shared only between a pup and his owner.

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